State Grid Corporation of China is currently conducting a trial of covering all electricity supply to whole Qinghai Province with clean energy ranging from solar, wind and to hydro power in 7 consecutive days or 168 hours from 17 June to 23 June. Reported by People’s Daily, China’s official newspaper.

Qinghai province is located in China’s Northwest with a population about 6 million.

Mr. Quan Shenming , general manager of Qinghai Electric Power Corporation, a subsidiary of State Grid Corporation, made comment that “Being the fist trial of this kind in the country and a major step in the transformation of energy supply, it will be of great importance in promoting the use of clean energy in China in a sustainable and effective way.”

During the trail, consumption of electricity in the whole province will totally rely on renewable energy of solar, wind and hydro power. Of which hydro power shares 78.3% while solar and wind combined share 21.7%.

The control centre of Qinghai Electricity predicted that the average daily consumption of electrify in Qinghai province in the trial period from 17 June to 23 June is 175 million KWH.

Being an important base for electrical power generation and transmission in Northwest China, Qinghai has ample resources in solar and hydro power. Since the kickoff of 12th five-year planning period in 2011,  Photo-voltaic solar power in Qinghai has expanded by 58% annually, which is about additional capacity of 1 million KW being installed every year.

Up to end of may, total installed capacity of Qinghai power grid is 23.45 million KW with hydro power and solar being the first and second sources of energy. This structure has enabled State Grid Corporation to conduct the trail on renewable power supply at provincial scale in Qinghai.

The trail on a scale similar to Qinghai previously was carried out by Portugal that run electricity supply on renewable energy alone for 4 consecutive days of 107 hours. However the trail by Qinghai this time is longer in duration, higher in the proportion of solar power and more difficulty in power supply.

Qinghai is planning to build it into a modern base in renewable energy. The key projects in the pipeline are Haixi and Hainan renewable energy project of 10 million KW each. By 2025 renewable power capacity installed will be 61 million KW, which will replace 50 million ton of coal for power generation. This will help Qinghai and China significantly in emission control and environment protection.