The data from Shanghai’s vehicle registration shows that the registration of new-energy cars reached 45,060 in the city in 2016.

Since 2013, thanks to a vigorous promotion between the Shanghai government and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp, more than 100,000 new-energy vehicles have made inroad into this mega city, making it on the top in the world in relation to new-energy car ownership.

Liu Jianhua, a researcher at the Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Promotion Office pointed out that China, the USA,  Norway, Japan, Germany, the Netherland, Britain, France, South Korea and Spain are the top 10 countries in the use of new-energy vehicles.

At present, the total new-energy vehicles on road is 2 million worldwide, of which China’s share is 900.000 units.  The US takes the second position with 600,000 units, Norway, the third has more than 100,00 units.

Shanghai is the only city in the world with new-energy cars over 100,000 units, said Liu Jianhua.  Currently  Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen are the country’s top three cities with regarding to the use of new-energy vehicles.

As of the end of November 2016, Beijing had 91,000 and Shenzhen had 56,000 units of new-energy cars.

The data of Shanghai Bureau of Statistics indicated that with a growth rate of 29.5%, the GDP generated by the new-energy car sector in Shanghai achieved 11.5 billion yuan.