2017 will be a year of transformation to China. What will be these changes? By putting together the predictions in the Chinese social media following are some of the common views regarding to changes in China in 2017.

  1. A large scale of closedown of businesses in traditional manufacturing will take place and result in redundant of blue collar workers in large numbers. However businesses in service industries will spring out to compensate the job losses in the manufacturing sector.
  1. Internet companies will face tough environment due to a bubbling industry and excessive competition in 2017.
  1. Many ecommerce companies will pursue expansion by opening up real shops and integrating such shops with their on-line services. Furthermore Chinese ecommerce companies will face mounting pressures from the US.
  1. The influence of consumers upon service providers and manufacturers will become decisive; to satisfy consumers in a more effective way becomes the key to business success.
  1. Instead of connections and access to resources, an effective organisational operation system has become the paramount factor to business success.
  1. As businesses dig deep in their value chain, they will be increasingly dependent on innovation rather than cost reduction. The business culture of attach great importance to competition will also give way to cooperation.
  1. China will become a major hub for international logistic and trade despite of the pressure imposed by the US.


  1. Multinationals will use OEM model as a way penetrating into the Chinese market.
  1. The government will support second tier cities to close their gap with first tier cities while housing price in third and fourth tier cities will decrease but not in a dramatic mood.
  1. Trans-industrial merges, acquisitions and go on-line are still the keynote for business expansion.
  1. The importance of made to order and of individualist character in products development will be on the rise.
  1. The social appreciation of white collar professionals will fade as status of innovators and entrepreneurs is on the rise;
  1. There will be a difficult year for wage earners and miserable year for start-up entrepreneurs in 2017.
  1. Frequently international conferences will be hold in China.
  1. The Chinese government will endeavour to make the Chinese economy and its financial system more independent from the Western domination.
  1. The government will promote financial services to provide more credit support to small businesses and rural residents.
  1. Young people aged between 20 to 30 will increasingly become the focal point of social attention.
  1. Some international fast food brands would find it increasingly difficult to expand in the Chinese market.
  1. The acceptance of foreign festivals in China will be declining.
  1. The development of Apps for electronic devices such as mobile phone, smart television and computer will be extremely fast making life more enjoyable and convenient.
  1. Corruption was the primary cause to the conviction of government officials in the past; however some government officials will lose their job due to their poor performance and lack of capabilities in 2017.
  1. One of the greatest challenges for China will be the rebuilding of trust among people in 2017.
  1. The enthusiasm of setting up industrial parks will retreat while attractiveness of small towns for investment will raise thanks to their established supply chain around certain products.
  1. The willingness of young people to get married is declining.
  1. Ageing service will be flourish along with the expansion of aged population.
  1. The polarisation of the society will increase as the wealth of rich people will be increasingly represented as market valuation of company stock.
  1. Hard labour work might not lead to rich but surely to survival. People in the bottom will try every thing they can to improve their living standard.
  1. Health issues, in particular psychological disorders, will increasingly draw social attention.
  1. To take advantage of the Chinese culture is increasingly recognised as a priority in business and social development.
  1. Public opining will become a major factor affecting government policies and promoting social advancement
  1. The transition of the Chinese economy from concentrating on labour and resource intensive industries to a knowledge based innovative economy requires better government administration and social management.
  1. The economic environment in northern China will deteriorate which will drive talents and resources shifting from the north to the southern China.
  1. The introduction of land market in China’s rural area, which is labelled as a priority by the government will be a major boost to economic activities in rural area and exchange of products between rural and urban societies.
  1. Chinese firms in high-tech industries will increasingly make breakthrough in the development of high-tech products. A variety of Chinese bands will improve their international status in 2017.
  1. The pursuit of independence and individualism is on the rise as increasingly people consider happiness is a taste of personal consciousness.
  1. In addition to an unique political and economic management system and abundant supply of labour and natural resources, the China will increasingly turn on its cultural resources to sustain its competitiveness.

39. There has always been a co-existence between crisis and opportunities for China. Let us wok head to take the opportunities and get over crisis.